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One-of-a-Kind Finishing Touches for Your Child's Room & the Home
One-of-a-Kind Finishing Touches for Your Child's Room and the Home

We believe that our customers (from over 30 states and over 25 countries) are the best judge of whether our products and services live up to our promise or not.  That is why we are so proud to share with you some of the wonderful, completely unsolicited testimonials we receive from our most valued customers.  If you're already one of our satisfied customers, or if you have a comment about what you've seen, we'd love to hear it.

(You're all VIP's in our book, and thank you for being so kind!)

"We received our letters and put them up on our son['s] wall. You nailed it! Colors are exactly what we wanted and they match perfectly. Yours are definitely the nicest ones we've seen (on the internet and local stores). It was worth the wait. Thanks again!"
- Scott & Danielle, New Jersey

"I got the letters today and they are just so adorable and perfect.  Thank you so much – you always do a great job!  I am always amazed at how great your work is and I will continue to use you for my daughter and gifts for other people as the things you do are very unique.  Happy holidays to you as well and a happy and healthy new year!  Best Wishes,"
- Ashley, New Jersey

"Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!"
- Michelle, Kentucky

"These are ALL so cute I can't even have a favorite!!!  Your site is GREAT!"
- Judy, Georgia

[before]  "It was a pleasure speaking with you as well.  Thanks for taking the time to contact me and discussing my order.  I look forward to seeing the finished product.  Thanks again and take care!"

[after]  "I rec'd the package yesterday.  I love the letters, you did a GREAT job, and I really liked the ribbon that you picked out.  The baby shower is tomorrow so I can't wait to give it to my friend.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone that I know that may be interested in your services.  Thanks again for taking care of it so quickly!"
- Amy, Michigan

"That looks great!  Thanks for everything."
- Amanda, Louisiana

"I love your web site and I have been looking for that perfect door hanging for our daughters rooms."
- Allison, Georgia

"We got them Saturday and they look great! They are up on the wall over the crib - now he just needs to arrive. Thanks again - you did a great job. Best,"
- Elizabeth, Colorado

"Thank you so much for the quality and craftmanship you put into your product. I am very pleased with the sports theme letters that arrived 8/23/06 for my grandson, who also arrived 8/23/06. They compliment the nursery theme my son and daughter-in-law have chosen and I know that this is one baby gift that will grow right along with him. I have passed your web site onto friends with high recommendations. I know I will be back to order more. Thanks again,"
- Susan, Arkansas

"We've just received the toy boxes and we love them - thank you very much for all your hard work.  We love the work you've done, thanks for everything."
- Tamsin, Pennsylvania

"I couldn't be more thrilled with having such a precious customized painting in my [daughter]'s room before she gets here.  This is so exciting...we are already looking forward to having you do customized letters for her wall once she moves into a toddler bed.  Please do send me several business cards, and I will continue telling friends about you!  I'm sure once the painting is on the wall in our nursery, it will do its advertising for itself!  Thanks so much for the personal attention and time on a Saturday...you're a doll!  We'll be waiting on pins and needles for the shipping notification...thanks so much!"
- Rachael, Alabama

"I LOVE the letters.  You did a great job!!  Thanks so much.  I have been telling everyone.. :)"
- Michelle, Massachusetts

"[My daughter] and I love her letters!  You did a great job.  I've already referred you to a couple of friends.  Good luck with your business.  Thanks again."
- Lori, Missouri

"Just received my daughters' letters in the mail today...they are spectacular!  thanks so much!"
- Rebecca, Québec, Canada

"Thanks for getting me the letters.  Once again, they were a real hit at the shower."
- Gloria, Georgia

"I am so thrilled.  I have looked and looked for these type of letters and they look perfect!!!  Thank you!!!"
- Michelle, Massachusetts

"I just wanted to let you know that we received our custom ... letters and they are so cute!  We can't wait to put them up.  Thank you so much for your emails and great work.  I'll be sure to pass along your website to some fellow moms-to-be!  Sincerely-"
- Bindu, Virginia

"That's perfect ... thanks so much!  Thanks again, and I'm sure I'll be in touch again down the road!"
- Denice, Ohio

"I love the work I've seen on your website (and my Noel letters by the way look great on my mantel)."
- Stacey, Georgia

"Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly... looking forward to the ornaments!  Thanks so much in advance and let me know if you have any questions on the door sign.... I love your stuff!"
- Denice, Ohio

"Thank you so much!  I cant wait to get them on the walls.  Your timing is perfect.  You can bet I will be ordering again soon!"
Merry Christmas,
- Shannon, Alabama

"It was wonderful meeting you also.  I just loved your work.  I am always looking for something original and handmade for my three kids' rooms.  You were just so sweet and kind to help me out.  I simply can not wait to get the letters in the mail.  Please send me anything new that you put on your website.  I know we will enjoy working together in the future.... The letters look GREAT!  I cant wait to get them in my hands.  Thanks for putting that personal touch to my daughters' room.  God Bless,
- Shannon, Alabama

"[The custom letters] are adorable! Thanks!"
- Tara, Texas

"I received them today and they look terrific! Thank you!"
- Abby, New Jersey

"That was very sweet of you to send the letters a different way.  I received them today (they arrived yesterday but I was not home to get them).  They are so cute.  i know she will love them.  Thanks"
- Beth, Georgia

"I received the order today and I love how the letters turned out! I hung them up immediately (thanks for sending the nails too!). You definitely have a nice product. I've never been able to find anything like it. Thanks much,"
- Laura, Maryland

"I LOVE your site!  I am looking to get some letters for my nursery (due in September), and I think you can help... You seem pretty good at this... I LOVE the 2-tone looks you've shown on the website... Thanks for your patience... Thanks again for your help!... I can't wait to get them and put them up in her nursery :-)"
- Stephanie, California

[before] "I can't wait for my letters! Thanks so much, I'm so glad I found you! Love,"

[after] "I received the letters today, and they're adorable! When I get the room all together, I'll take a picture and send it to you! Thanks again!"
- Shana, California

"VERY CUTE LETTERS!!! PERFECT SALE - Highly recommended"
- Danielle, New York

- Anjel, Louisiana

"Everything was great! Loved the product! Will use again. Thanks!"
- Amanda, Louisiana

"Great communication, FAST ship, excellent all around, recommend"
- Mary Beth, Georgia

"Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful"
- Sarah, Idaho

"I gave my sister the letters tonight and they are so happy with them. You did a wonderful and creative job. You are very talented. I will send you a picture when she hangs them. Thank you,"
- Lori, Georgia

"absolutely adorable CUSTOM letters, Thank you so much! Seller is a PLEASURE A+++"
- Wendi, Ohio

"The letters look sooo great! They are perfect! Thanks again,"
- Sarah, Idaho

"[Baby Belle's Room] graciously donated a pair of hand-painted flute-glasses from [their] store (http://www.babybellesroom.com) for my son's "wedding basket" for his school auction. Thank you so much; they are beautiful!!"
- Sharon, Georgia

"Totally beautiful & unique! Great shipping! Thanks! A++++++++++++++++"
- Julie, Nebraska

[before] "This is exactly what I was looking for."

[after] "Loved them!!!"
- Cindy, Minnesota

"I love your letters! They are absolutely adorable and the best looking on e-bay, or better yet anything I've seen in the stores!...I love this...great ideas!!! I believe I have found one creative and talented artist!"
- Kristin, Georgia

"I just wanted to let you know that the 5 letters arrived on my doorstep today by postman, December 23rd, in time for Christmas!  I want to thank you soooo much. They are amazing!  Before I had a child, I envisioned having personalized name letters on his/her wall.  The letters are just what I dreamed of, they are so unique & can't be found here, and have definitely exceeded my expectations.

The colour combination matches perfectly with my son's nursery (lavender purple walls and coloured Noah's arc serendipity border & accessories).  The lavender ribbons, metallic silver paint, rainbow detail is awesome and the sports motif balls at an extra touch for my little boy.

May I say your talent and craftwork is extraordinary and thanks for doing the letters with TLC.  I will be sure to be a continued customer of Baby Belle's Room and will definitely give referrals.  Pleasure doing business.  Wishing you a happy holiday season; a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's celebration!
- Jennifer, Ontario, Canada

"WOW!!! I will tell all of my friends how great this really is!!! Thanks"
- Katherine, Louisiana

"The letters are beautiful. I will order more in the future for other kids!"
- Debby, Florida

[before] "I am a little nervous about [ordering], because about a year ago I ordered and paid [through another company] for the exact same letters with the exact same look. I have never received them. I am scared it is going to happen again, but I couldn't resist your cute, cute samples."

[after] "Super Cute and fast service!!! Thanks!!!"
- Rachelle, Texas

"absolutely adorable, highly recommend, great to work with, great price"
- Laura, Texas

"Your price is very reasonable, and I looked you up after deciding to return some Pottery Barn letters that were way too expensive (not to mention you can't pick colors).  I definitely look forward to doing business with you!  Thanks again for being so professional, friendly and just all around nice!  My wife will be very happy."
- Neil, Connecticut

- Barbie, Vermont

"Letters look great! Thank you."
- Sarah, South Carolina

"ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! made to order and arrived quickly"
- Angela, Iowa

"One word...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The letters look wonderful! Thanks again!"
- Jen, Connecticut

"Great product and fast shipping received item before promised!!!"
- Dana, Georgia

"I love your letters...Thanks for my confirmation. I am so excited! What is so funny is that [my ship date is my daughter]'s due date! Can't wait!!!!!"
- Meghan, South Carolina

"EXCELLENT!!!! Great communication and product is AWESOME! Will buy from again."
- Candi, Ohio

- Katherine, Louisiana

"Thank you, that sounds GREAT.... the colors you're suggesting are great... Thank you sooo much for your quick response, I will place my order before the end of the week... Thank you soo much for assisting....I love the look of your product and of course the Price....Looking forward to talking with you soon...."
- Alteka

"Excellent Communication! Wonderful person to work with!"
- Donna, California

"can't wait to see the finished product. :)"
- MaryLou, Florida

[before] "Thanks, I am looking forward to [the letters arriving]!  It's been great doing business with you!"

[after] "Great seller! Received product early and was very satisfied."
- L. S., Oklahoma

"Thank you so much for your help and quick response...It was so great and easy to choose with the pictures. I appreciate your organization...Again, I greatly appreciate all of your help with this."
- Amber, California

"Love the letters! They are beautiful! Great product, great seller!"
- Becky, Florida

"DARLING!!!!! These are perfect, better then expected. Thanks so much!!!!!"
- Aaryn, Oregon

"Beautiful letters. Perfect for the nursery! Thank you!"
- Sandi, Virginia

"I went to visit your new website and much to my surprise, I saw the letters for [my daughter].  They absolutely look wonderful!  I was so excited when I saw them that I printed out the picture and showed it to my co-workers.  You have a very happy customer!  Thanks Again."
- Maria, Illinois

"They are wonderful and I cannot thank you enough!!!  You did exactly what I wanted.  Thanks again!"
- Jen, Connecticut

"Package arrived today, and we are very pleased!  You are very creative, it looks great and will be enjoyed for many years to come.  THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Steven [and the whole family], Texas

"Just wanted to say thank you again for [my two daughters]' names.  They are so cute; I know it took a lot of time and little details to finish them.  I just want to stay in their room all day long since it is looking so cute."
- Kristina, California

"You made my daughter's name for me :o) I never got the chance to thank you and let you know what a BEAUTIFUL job you did!!! :O) Thank You!!!!  I'm about to hang them up in her room :o) Thank You Again!"
- Michelle, New York

"[My friend's daughter]'s birthday is next month, so the order will be on time.  Thanks for the best service!!!!  Love the letters!!!!!  Thanks for everything."
- Nakesha, Japan

"Thank you for your quick response and invoice...[and] for your willingness to be flexible!  I am really excited and truly appreciate your willingness to customize the letters exactly how I wish!...Again, thank you for your prompt service and I look forward to finishing up this transaction and hanging up the beautiful letters!...I have received the letters.  They look great and are just as I was picturing.  I truly appreciate you going above and beyond.  Thanks again for helping to make [my daughter]'s room so pretty and personalized!  It was great doing business with you.  I will look you up when our second child is born for some more letters.  Hopefully next time they will be [a boy's name]! :)"
- Angie, Iowa

"hi, thanks for the quick response...i would love for you to do those letters for me.  i would love for them to have some of the designs on them from the pattern.  the different colors for each letter sounds great if you can do some of the patterns on each one too...thanks for the quick shipment.  can't wait to get them.  thanks,"
- Deborah, Texas

"Your website is very thorough and complete.  You're full of great ideas!!  The newsletter!  Catalog!  And I think the gift certificate idea is perfect!  I love the new patterns and such, too...It looks wonderful, and I hope that your business continues to grow!"
- Teresa, South Carolina

"Thanks for making that so much easier!!!  I will be looking forward to seeing the letters when they arrive and finishing off [my daughter]'s nursery!!!  Thanks again,"
- Sally, Wisconsin

"I received the letters yesterday, and they are cute---thanks!"
- Janet, California

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