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One-of-a-Kind Finishing Touches for Your Child's Room & the Home
One-of-a-Kind Finishing Touches for Your Child's Room and the Home

Easy 2 Step Ordering

Step 1: Order Your 6.25" or 10" Letters Here

Your Name:
Zip Code:
Is this a gift purchase?
Would you like this shipped directly to a gift recipient?
If yes, provide gift shipping address (if different from above)
Zip Code:
Is there a critical date by which this order needs to arrive?
Spell the Name, Word, or Initials You are Ordering:
Describe Your Custom Design (patterns, colors, etc.):
(You may also include a web address or email a
picture for color reference.)
Describe Your Preferred Ribbon Choice:
Would you like your ribbons tied in bows or just looped over?
                                                   tied in bows                   looped over
Specify Which Design Goes on Which Letter:
Wall Color:
Is there anything you do NOT want on your letters?
Anything else you would like us to know before we start
working on Your One-of-a-Kind Letters?
Please enter any comments or more detailed feedback here:

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New for 2005: Sweet & Unique Gifts For the Home Unique and Chic...the traveling boutique!

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