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One-of-a-Kind Finishing Touches for Your Child's Room & the Home
One-of-a-Kind Finishing Touches for Your Child's Room and the Home

About Us

We strive to provide a total buying experience with tailored service from beginning to end.  Having little ones in your life is fun and so should this be.  Our goal is to take you seamlessly through the process of selecting and/or describing exactly what you're looking for all the way to hanging your letters on the wall effortlessly and to your complete delight.  We truly look forward to creating your special order because your only limit is your imagination, and in that way, every one of us is One-of-a-Kind.

We understand that the little one in your life is the source of some of your greatest anticipation, excitement, and joy, and we hope that our quality custom-made products too are anticipated, exciting, and are enjoyed for years to come by both you and your child.

Thank You!
Rachel Wilcox and the Creative Production Team

*     *     *

Inspired by the birth of her daughter, Rachel Wilcox, artistic designer and founder of Baby Belle's Room, enjoyed the process of creating finishing touches for her daughter's room so much that she decided to offer some of those items to the world, and thus was born Baby Belle's Room.  She began as an eBay seller, and quickly developed a plan for a stand-alone web presence called  With a background in teaching everything from kindergarten to high school (as a substitute teacher) to swimming lessons and Bible lessons at summer camp, Rachel has devoted a large part of her life to enriching the lives of children in her community.

Mission Statement

To join in the joy of creation and of giving by working integrally with our customers to create one-of-a-kind finishing touches to give or receive and to give back to our community in a way that creates joy for the children who live here and for whom we are as a society responsible.

Giving Back to Our Community

The concept of giving is central to our mission at Baby Belle's Room.  With the direction of our customers, we create truly one-of-a-kind finishing touches that become gifts to little ones all around the world.  They are given by parents, friends, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, and uncles for a special little girl or boy who will just love them.

We believe it is also our social responsibility to give as we are able as a company and as individuals:  "Give what you have. To someone it may be better than you dare to think" (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).

Support the Lukemia & Lymphoma SocietyFor 2006, Baby Belle's Room has teamed up with a member of
Team in Training to help find a cure for Lukemia & Lymphoma
by spreading awareness and by donating to the cause.  Since
1988, more than 275,000 volunteer participants have helped
raise more than $600 million.  The parallel is that while runners,
bikers, and swimmers train for their endurance events through
Team in Training, they are "running the race" on behalf of
those who fight and endure every day with these terrible
At the end of the day, we hope that both the participants and
those they support will gain greater health, strength of
spirit, and hope for the road ahead. 
To join the fight, click here to donate.

Baby Belle's Room proudly supports the
mission of Our House (a division of The
Methodist Home for Children & Youth)
, an
emergency temporary shelter for children
who are victims of abuse and neglect in and
around our hometown Columbus, Georgia.
Click here to donate to this worthy cause.

At Baby Belle's Room we believe that character is defined by what you do with what you have to work with, and in the words of Maltbie D. Babcock,

"Good habits are not made on birthdays, nor Christian character at the new year.
The workshop of character is everyday life.  The uneventful and
commonplace hour is where the battle is lost or won."

Thus, we give as we are able through the prosperity of our business, but also in the character with which we conduct ourselves knowing that in every move we make, we are potentially influencing the life of child onlooker, who becomes our responsibility as a society to raise the best we can.

Baby Belle's Room in the News

- - - NEWSFLASH - In the Know Around Town - December 7, 2005 - - -

Baby Belle's Room is featured in the latest edition of Northland Neighbors, a community interest magazine for the northside residents of Columbus.  Baby Belle's Room owner, Rachel Wilcox, in her capacity as co-founder of Unique and Chic...the traveling boutique was interviewed.  Unique and Chic...the traveling boutique is a non-profit organization that promotes small businesses and hosts events on their behalf.  Read more about how creatively joining forces with other small businesses has helped Baby Belle's Room take it to the next level from the article online now.

- - - NEWSFLASH - In the Know Around Town - March 7, 2005 - 6:25 a.m. - - -

Watch, Set Your Recorder, or TIVO! Baby Belle's Room will make its television debut on the "Business Break" segment of the morning news on WTVM9 in Columbus. Business Break is a 3-minute Question & Answer segment introducing up and coming businesses to the community. Rachel Wilcox, Owner and Founder of Baby Belle's Room will be interviewed by Adelaide Kirk and will do a little Show & Tell about some of the latest products as well as tell where you can find our One-of-a-Kind Finishing Touches around town.

- - - NEWSFLASH - In the Know Around Town - November 14, 2004 - - -

The now famous Alphabet Canvas by Art from the Hill is currently featured in this month's edition of Columbus and the Valley Magazine, here in Columbus, Georgia in the "What to Buy" Christmas section. It is offered at the Sassy Shoppe and the Galleria in Columbus, but you can buy it direct from the artist online right here at

- - - NEWSFLASH - In the Know Around Town - October 29, 2004 - - -

Baby Belle's Room donated a set of Hand-Painted Wedding Champagne Flutes to be part of a Wedding Basket in the Double Churches School Fall Festival Silent Auction Friday, November 5th starting at 5 p.m. at the school.  The Room Mother who picked up the donation had these nice words to say, "[Baby Belle's Room] graciously donated a pair of hand-painted flute-glasses from her store ( for my son's "wedding basket" for his school auction.  Thank you so much; they are beautiful!!"

Baby Belle's Room is committed to helping in the community whenever possible, while maintaining a constant commitment, first and foremost, to our community partner, Our House.

- - - CAN'T MISS - Coming Soon Around Town - October 19, 2004 - - -

We appreciate all of you who dropped by our booth at the Just4Kidz Consignment Sale a few weeks ago. Something even BIGGER and BETTER is just up ahead!

The upcoming Unique and Chic...the traveling boutique! Christmas Open House will be held FOR TWO DAYS ONLY at the Adams Park Clubhouse in Columbus, Georgia. Exciting new booths are being added all the time!

- Your One-of-a-Kind Letters and other Hand-Painted Wooden Finishing Touches from Baby Belle's Room
- Original Acrylic Art by Art from the Hill
- Handmade Ribbon Accessory Jewelry by Charmed, I'm Sure
- Handcrafted Wooden Toy Boxes by AW Creations
- Custom Monogrammed and Embroidered Onesies, Burp Cloths, Bibs, Shortalls, and More by Onesies M Us
- Custom Made Handbags - made from your photo by Brag Bags
- Stay-at-Home Spa Products (with demonstrations) by SpaDiDah
- Handmade Fabric Purses by Honey Hamm's Fluff-N-Stuff
- Custom Album Making Supplies (with demonstrations) by Creative Memories
- Homemade Cookie Bouquets for All Occasions by Cookie Creations
- Fine Jewelry and Other Gifts from Creations
- Baskets and Pottery for Entertaining from Longaberger
- Lifetime Guaranteed Cutlery from
- always in demand products from Tupperware
- Home Decor, Cookbooks, and More from Southern Living at Home
- and more coming just on the horizon!

Go to any time for all the details about upcoming shows and the latest, most unique, and most chic products that will be on-hand at the next showing of Unique and Chic...the traveling boutique! - Bringing the Hard to Find and One-of-a-Kind Together in One Place for You...and just in time for Christmas on November 13-14.

- - - NEWSFLASH - In the Know Around Town - October 10, 2004 - - -

Baby Belle's Room is the "Featured Site of the Week" on - a great resource for local residents of Columbus and the Valley Area. Unique and Chic..the traveling boutique and our friends at Charmed, I'm Sure are also listed there in the "Look Who's New on cgol" section.

- - - CAN'T MISS - Around Town with Great Deals! - September 23, 2004 - - -

If you haven't been there yet, YOU CANNOT MISS the Just4Kidz Consignment Sale going on right now in Columbus, Georgia!  It's in the St. Francis Shopping Center, by The Yogurt Shoppe.  Great deals on a huge assortment of nice, consigned clothing for children, strollers, pack 'n' plays, cribs, changing tables, toys, games, videos, books, and even maternity clothing.

Also at the sale, you have a never-before-seen opportunity to get an up-close look at Your One-of-a-Kind Letters and other Hand-Painted Wooden Finishing Touches from Baby Belle's Room, as well as Original Acrylic Art by Art from the Hill, Handmade Ribbon Accessory Jewelry by Charmed, I'm Sure, AND Handmade Craft Aprons and Embroidered Bags from DoodleBug Duds.

Together the bunch you'll find at the booth at Just4Kidz is known as Unique and Chic...the traveling boutique! and will be holding a Christmas Open House at the Adams Park Clubhouse on November 13th and 14th, bringing all sorts of Hard to Find and One-of-a-Kind Custom and Handmade items together...just in time for Christmas.

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More Than Letters: Sweet & Unique Gifts  For the Home  Unique and Chic...the traveling boutique!  

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